What is The Fans Agency?

It’s a sports agency, initially focusing on football, but one looking to take a foothold in a number of sports in the near future.

Where did the idea come from?

It was a meeting of minds really! It was football fans with different areas of expertise coming together and believing that we could do things differently.

So why is it different to any other sports agency?

We want to involve fans.

Many people think agents and agencies are only out to make a fast buck but we want to put something back into the game we love.

Supporters own 25 per cent of The Fans Agency after our successful crowd-funding campaign.

And fans will soon be able to own shares in the fees generated by individual players.

We want to pull back the curtain on parts of the football world that have traditionally remained covered up.

And we want to show we care: about players, about the game.

How will you show you care?

We’re committed to giving back to grassroots.

Already we have a pot of £20,000 set aside to help clubs via our Game-Changer Grants.

And that pot will continue to grow as 10 per cent of The Fans Agency’s profits will be go back into the sport at a level that really needs a helping hand.

We also want to help to tell the stories about football from top to bottom.

What are the challenges facing grassroots teams? How does it feel for the people facing them week in, week out?

We’ll be asking them and telling you.

What about the players on The Fans Agency’s books?

We want to offer our players the very best care possible.

Whether that’s financial advice, planning for a future career, media training or help with mental health or nutrition, we’re lining up a team of highly-skilled mentors to help TFA players be the very best they can be no matter what league they play in.

Our team includes former League Managers’ Association Manager Of The Year Danny Wilson, who clocked up more than 600 games as a professional with clubs including Luton Town, Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton. He later took charge of more than 1,000 games as a manager.

What else can we expect from The Fans Agency?

We want to be a big part of the football conversation and that’s why we have launched our Football Insiders podcast.

The aim of the show is to dig out the stories behind the story of football – from managers, players, agents and more.

Already we have heard from Danny Wilson and Viv Anderson and the feedback has been fantastic. Check out the show here.

We’ll also be blogging on the big issues, creating video content and working with the players on our books to show you a side of the game that normally takes place behind closed doors.

What is happening at The Fans Agency right now?

Lots of things!

We’re speaking to players and agents up and down the country as we look to grow and get professionals on board. We want them to be the right fit for us – and for us to be the right fit for them.

And, as part of a new-look website, we’re working on a player-trading platform, which will allow fans to own shares in the fees generated by individual players.

We’re also meeting with lots of people in football to spread the word about what we’re doing and help develop our links with grassroots.

We’ll also be blogging on the big issues, creating video content and working with the players on our books to show you a side of the game that is normally closed off from the ordinary supporter.

Can I recommend a player for you to look at?

Yes. For now you can get in touch via [email protected] but we are working on better ways for you to help us to scout talent! They will be coming very soon.

I know a grassroots club that could do with some help, how do I tell you about it?

We will soon be launching our Game-Changer Grants. Anyone involved at a grassroots club will be able to submit a short video telling us, and everyone else, why it deserves a little bit of help.

You can sign up for newsletter updates via the form located at the bottom of the page.

I’m a licenced agent and I’m interested in becoming a part of The Fans Agency, how do I get in touch?

Great! Drop us an email with your details to: [email protected]

Are you on social media?

We are! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How else can we keep in touch about Fans Agency news?

We’ll regularly be updating the website and releasing new episodes of Football Insiders. You can also sign up for our newsletter by filling out the box at the bottom of the page.

Where are you based?

Our office is in central Manchester but we have agents and staff in London and around the country. If you have any queries, email us at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.