Podcast: The Grassroots Campaigner – Football Insiders #6 with Kenny Saunders

Gareth Roberts speaks to Kenny Saunders, the man behind the Save Grassroots Footy campaign and a series of petitions calling for a levy on Premier League TV cash.

That there are issues with grassroots football, the standard of pitches across the country, and a worrying shortfall of funding to remedy the problems is not really up for debate. Even The FA’s own research suggested that only one in three pitches at grassroots were “adequate” and that same research revealed one in six matches were called off due to pitch quality.

What is up for debate, with the question remaining largely unanswered, is what is to be done about it. The subject was recently debated at Westminster following the collapse of the sale of Wembley Stadium – a move that was set to generate millions for football lower down the leagues and away from the professional game.

Meanwhile, Kenny Saunders continues to plug away with a campaign to bring more of the money washing around the top of the game trickling down to the bottom.

In the latest episode of Football Insiders, Kenny explains how the ‘Save Grassroots Footy’ campaign began, talking about his own career in the game, his experiences of managing grassroots teams and the highs and lows of his long-standing campaign.

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