We’ll manage our players so they get the best out of their careers.


Our agents have decades of experience in football and can spot the right deal for a player.

But it’s not just about transfers. What about the future? Whether it’s media opportunities or education, we’ll help our players think about what’s next after football.

While big deals and big wages dominate popular talk around football, it’s far from being the reality for many who earn a living from the sport. We want our players to make the most of what they earn – now and in the future.

All of The Fans Agency players will have access to the very best financial advice from experts with the game at heart.




Media around football is worth millions and players in the modern day play a huge part.

Digital Marketing

Many footballers go on to make a career in TV or radio once the playing days are over but how can they increase their chances of an opportunity?


Our players will have the chance to improve their skills in front of cameras and microphones to give them the best chance to impress.

With image rights, clauses, bonuses and more to consider, contracts can quickly become complicated.


Then there’s insurance, property, and the other legalities of life to consider.


Our experienced legal team will make sure players get the right advice at the right time – leaving them to concentrate on the football.



Brands and businesses want a part of football but which deal is the right deal for each individual player?


It’s not always the biggest company or the largest cheque on the table.


Our experienced agents have decades of time served negotiating some of football’s biggest deals – and every player on our books can lean on their knowledge for help.


All of our players have 24-7 access to advice

We believe players at every level deserve the best support



Managing Director

Craig is an experienced operations and project management professional, a keen sportsman and is inspired by The Fans Agency’s vision to lead the way.



Jon is one of the UK’s most successful and well-known sport influencers – he believes that now is the time to shake up the football agent model.



Andrew is a brand and marketing expert (and frustrated rugby professional) who is excited by the disruptive ambition of The Fans Agency.


It’s a sports agency, initially focusing on football, but one looking to take a foothold in a number of sports in the near future.

It was a meeting of minds really! It was football fans with different areas of expertise coming together and believing that we could do things differently.

We want to be a big part of the football conversation and that’s why we have launched our Football Insiders podcast.


The aim of the show is to dig out the stories behind the story of football – from managers, players, agents and more.


Already we have heard from Danny Wilson and Viv Anderson and the feedback has been fantastic. Check out the show here.


We’ll also be blogging on the big issues, creating video content and working with the players on our books to show you a side of the game that normally takes place behind closed doors.

Lots of things!


We’re speaking to players and agents up and down the country as we look to grow TFA and get professionals on board. We want them to be the right fit for us and us the right for them.


And, as part of a new-look website, we’re working on a player-trading platform, which will allow fans to own shares in the fees generated by individual players.


We’re also meeting with lots of people in football to spread the word about what we’re doing and help develop our links with grassroots.